Longford International Schools are situated on two sites –two schools in 40-46 Kano street, and one school in Cemetery road all in Ebute Metta Lagos mainland. Lifetrees is home to the Early Years and Primary School in Cemetery road, while  Longford primary and the secondary schools  are located in Kano street. All two sites are within easy to access areas in Lagos mainland.

Our academic structure:

Our academic calendar runs in three terms – Christmas (September to December), Easter (January to March) and Summer (April to July). Special government declared holidays within Nigeria are also observed.

ASSESSMENT CYCLES – Longford Schools runs a cyclical assessment system that informs teachers’ planning and preparation, while also providing data-based evaluation of students’ progress. All children in the primary and secondary sections sit for internal Cycle Tests each half term, and one internal end of term examination.

In addition to these, we enter our children for the following external examinations:

  • The Baseline Assessments in the Reception Year
  • Cambridge Checkpoint examinations in Year 6
  • Cambridge Checkpoint examinations in Year 9
  • IGCE examinations in year 11 and
  • The regional West African Secondary School Certificate Examinations in Year 12.

We offer an extensive range of IGCSE, and WAEC subjects, and have recorded consistently improving results over the years.

The school’s design in all sections incorporates the latest thinking in planning and layout, building standards and information technology. The classroom resources are all brand new and therefore specifically designed to complement the curriculum.

ACADEMIC STAFF: We have very special qualified and experienced teachers plus special needs/support teachers. Most children have ‘special needs’ at some time during their school life. Our teachers are able to meet the wide range of academic and social needs of most of the children in their class. Those children with either learning difficulties or exceptional abilities receive additional support.

The entry-level class into our Secondary School is Year 7, and in the first three years, our students are introduced to more advanced studies in English, Mathematics, and Sciences. At the end of the three years, our students sit for the Checkpoint Examination. As one of the best secondary schools in Nigeria, our students have to undergo the Checkpoint Examination, because it helps us to understand their strengths and weaknesses – in preparation for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) exam.

After the Checkpoint Examination, our students spend the next two years preparing for the IGCSE exam. Therefore, by enrolling your child in our Secondary School, he or she will spend five (5) years, building on the foundation set at the elementary level. At the end of Year 11, which is the final year of our Secondary School, your child will sit for the IGCSE exam which is conducted by the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate (UCLES).

Unlike other secondary schools’ curricula, the British IGCSE curriculum encourages high academic standards through a practical approach to teaching and learning; this is the reason most of the best secondary schools in Nigeria and all over the world, including Greensprings School, adopt it. Assessment of students via IGCSE examination isn’t limited to the written test, as students are also expected to undergo oral, listening and practical tests, etc. The IGCSE exam is taken by most of the best secondary schools in Lagos and Nigeria; thus, it is accepted by both universities in Nigeria and abroad. 

Our teachers have the experience to guide the students to not only pass the IGCSE examination but to also understand how their learnings can be applied in their daily life – and ultimately to their environment.

The Primary Section of Longford Schools runs the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). The curriculum is child-centred, teacher friendly – and it is used mostly by the best primary schools in Lagos and Nigeria. The IPC enables your child to take responsibility for his or her learning by involving in activities such as planning, researching, recording, and interacting with teachers and other students.

Our Early Elementary School

In the Early Elementary, which is Year 1 – Year 4, our pupils receive optimum education that enhances their development of core skills in literacy and numeracy. In a case whereby a child is experiencing difficulties in learning, our school offers a learning-support programme, and this programme is one of the reasons parents regard Longford Primary School one of the best primary schools in Lagos and Nigeria.

Our aim is to make school enjoyable for our pupils; so we incorporate fun into learning and structure our learning environment to make learning easy for our pupils. Here are some more reasons why parents regard us one of the best primary schools in Lagos and entrust their children in our care:

We guide and encourage positive behaviour among peers and promote collaboration through group activities.
We introduce our pupils to a foreign language, thereby offering them an opportunity to learn a unique form of communication.
We engage our pupils in activities that enable them to develop self-confidence.

Our Senior Elementary School

The Senior Elementary School is from Year 4 to Year 6. The lessons taught in these classes build on the Early Elementary School’s lessons, and the International Primary Curriculum becomes more specialized, with the addition of new knowledge and skill training.

Using the curriculum, our certified teachers expand on the core literacy and numeracy knowledge and teach our pupils how to use the knowledge to solve problems. Your child will also be exposed to the use of Information Communication Technology, in order to equip him or her with hands-on experience on the latest technology.

Aside from academics, the way we guide our students towards attaining self-discipline and personal organisation is another significant reason our Elementary School is believed to be one of the best primary schools in Lagos and Nigeria. Once a child joins us in Year 4, we focus on raising the level of behavioural expectations, by guiding the child on how to be responsible.